Planet Name: Tribute

Star System: Epsilon Eridani System

Major Satellite(s): Dero, Täby

Length of Day: 45 hours, 12 minutes, 8 seconds.

Length of Year: 756 days.

Gravity: 1.202 G

Atmosphere: .9 atm (N2, O2) (Terraformed to Earth specifications)

Sentient Inhabitant Species: Humans.


Tribute was a UNSC Inner Colony world in the Epsilon Eridani System. Its largest populated urbanized metropolis was Casbah. It had a history of volcanic activity and appeared to be a cold world.

After the Covenant discovered Reach, they also attacked the other colonies in the system, including Tribute. Corporal Taylor "Dutch" Miles was present during the evacuation of the colony, and witnessed the near-total destruction of the UNSC Navy escort fleet in orbit as they protected civilian refugees. This gave him a thorough respect for the Navy, unlike many Marines or other ODSTs. The colony was apparently under siege for some time. This is evidenced from Team Black's mission to destroy a Covenant Beacon that was mining Helium-3 to provide energy for the fleet blockading Tribute.

The planet was glassed, and left barren, cold and volcanic. Recently Humanity has reclaimed the planet and terraformed it, although colonization is still underway. Large cities are sprouting and forming throughout the warmer band of the planet, although frost is still common in the morning. The planet has fairly large polar ice caps.