THE AMARA If you are reading this than it means that [[[operation vindiction|Operation Vindiction ]]]been activated. God be with us all!

2579, Three years have passed since fathers disappearance, the story I am about to tell you is about mine and my brothers journey to hell and back. We are the Amara . My brothers and I were born on 2558 in my father’s lab underneath the Haso River on Talda in the farraguot system. My name is Mark I am the first born of fathers children, next came Adam followed by the twins Leon and Adean . Father tells us that he had used our mothers DNA when he made us which would explain why we had never met her. From birth he trained us aside from his army telling us that we are special and that we will be the best in the universe. We never knew what he meant, but we had an idea in the back of our heads. I know he always loved us, he always showed it. He trained us each in special fields of combat and strategist’s. HE always told me I was a great leader that’s why he made me head of our team, I remember we were training for a mission and he pulled me aside into the other room. He touched my shoulder and told me that I will go on to do great things and that he was proud of what I had become and that he loves me. He told me to wait still why he went to his safe room. I never knew what was in there but I was always curious. He came out holding a set of armor, from the second I laid eyes on it I knew what it was; it was his old armor he had used before he went into hiding. He walks to me and stops in front of me, “son you know what this is” I respond “yes father it is your old armor, your most prized possession”. He tells me I am to continue his destiny, and that I will be the best leader the human race has ever seen. He grabs his helmet and places it upon my head and smiles. I remember the feeling of this great armor it was amazing I felt like an unstoppable warrior just like him. I couldn’t speak I was so happy, I stand up and he gives me a hug and smiles. This armor has seen wars and battles unlike any other; it even still had the slash mark on the face of the helm from when he fought [Torrin] the [aleri]. Its like father to get into fights with enemies, he is always telling us stories of his past and current battles. They astound mine and my brother’s tales of valor, courage and war. Adam he always was the sneaky one, skulking in the shadows, taking out targets before they even know he’s there. He always was good with a knife and a sniper, his skills were amazing. I remember a mission we did 6 years ago; father wanted us to take out a UNSC general. No easy task, I was taking hostage and brought to the general in his office. He was torturing me for information I gave him nothing. I thought I was lost forever here, but with the blink of an eye the general stopped in his tracks. Two little noises pierced through the room, the general fell to his knees and feel to the ground. I got up to look at him, two little bullet holes in his back piercing his heart, he was dead I look out the window to see were they came from. The only possible spot was a building three miles away, I couldn’t see the shooter but I knew was him. I had made a small laugh on the matter and made my way to the general’s body. But before I could make it a barrage of soldiers rushed into the room with guns pointed at me. They tell me to freeze but I just make a small grin and tell them to go fuck themselves. With a sound of breaking windows Adean and Leon bust through the windows and open fire on the soldiers killing them all. Leon throws me my gun and we escaped the base. Then it comes down to Leon and Adean, my loyal twin brothers. They always worked with each other, like a pair of Siamese’s twins. They worked together with great precession. Leon was the fast one while Adean backed it up with strength. But all together I lead a great team. i love them with all my heart, and I will never let them down. Father made my brothers armor just for them, with his own enhancements and use. Leon was given his Hazop CNM-1 armor while Adean was giving his security CBRN/CNM armor. Now Adam was given a strange set of armor called Gungnir/HU-RS it covered his face, there was no visor, and everything was operated inside by a computer. I guess it was his way of things. But as I said before I was given my fathers old armor, a treasure in his eyes and mine. Until our later years we were kept in secret by father. He said it was for the best until we were ready to face drifty and his team and lead our armies through the universe. He periodically sent us on missions to take care of things that he wanted done. We never questioned him, either way we had no reason to. We trusted father with our lives and hearts, we still do to this day. He may be gone from existence but he still lives on in our hearts. He supposedly died three years ago when the ark was being destroyed by drifty and mother, the portal sucked father in before he had a chance to escape, he was never heard from again. But we never lost hope that he was still alive on the other side. Since the destruction of the ark sovereign and I have been working on a way to restore to ark and bring him back, we are close to reopening the gate. The ARK is a portal to an unknown location supposedly another world but we never had the chance to fully study the relic. Although we had lost most of what we had we still strive. Sovereign, he has provided for us since father disappeared, giving us a place to live and supplies. We are currently residing in fathers main base of operations on [harne]- coordinates 79.2 w by 368.9 n. we finished construction on this structure once we got here. The facility was still under work when father left, good thing he kept this place a secret from the rest of the army.[ Artifex] , that’s what he called the base. Above was only the look of a skyscraper but the real secret was underneath. After we were betrayed he had made this base to regrow our once great power, but alas was never finished until we got there. Father only ever taught me his skills in the medical and biology field, to recreate his army. My skills were put to the test when Leon lost his leg from and explosion from an aod. He was brought to me. He had an extensive laceration along his chest also he was moments away from dying I had given him my experimental drug. This drug was supposed to instantly heal and problems in the human body. I had little time I injected him with[ Pg82] , what i say was amazing his leg regrew and his chest healed. I had never seen anything like it, it was a masterpiece. He got up from the tale grabbed me and told me that I truly am fathers prodigy and that he loves me. i just smiled and hug him. I was speechless, I had perfected a virus that my father had been working on for 18 years and could never figure out. i truly was just like him, I just wished he could be there to see me. I was in love once, her name was [Shannon] . She was a private assassin. We met on mars in the [axcillian towers] in [hope's landing]. I was on a mission to cease important data that father needed to complete research. But what I didn’t know was so was she. I made it about halfway through the download before I heard gunshots beyond the door. I braced my self behind the central core and pulled out my rifle. The door opened and I aimed at the door only to see her standing there, I was dumbstruck, she was beautiful in a way I couldn’t explain. But beauty killed the beast she shot me in the arm; I evaded at her and grabbed her gun. But she was good before I knew it I was on the ground with a knife to my throat. She said to me she wants to see my face before I die and yanks off my helmet. All I remember is her looking amazed, she got off me and took a few steps back. She points the gun back at me. “so your Cody’s prodigal son, it’s a pleasure to meet you". "Pleasures all mine sweetheart, do you greet all the people you admire like this". She chuckled and put her pistol away. I got up from the floor grabbed my [med kit ]and patched my wound. I looked at her with a little smirk" we never got the chance to be properly acquainted im-" she stopped me and spoke" I know who you are you and your father have a big reputation around the galaxy the early 21st century. Although she has a secret rep of being the best assassin the UNSC has to offer. Though her file is kept in complete secrecy. Surprised I was as that she did not kill me even knowing what I and my family have done. she told me she likes me and that im handsome. After our confrontation we parted our ways and returned home. Later that night while checking the systems in my armor i found a data pad. Confused but curious I open the file on the drive, it’s a encrypted file, its file is too heavily encrypted for me to decipher. I bring the file to my father and he begins work on it. Soon after my father called me to his study. As I walk into his chamber he hands me the file and glares at me, then walks away. I take the data pad back with me to my quarters’. I open it, there coordinates to a planet in the system. The system is uncharted. I grab my armor and leave dock in one of our scout ships. I slip into [hyperspace], it’s a 6 day trip, and I spend most of the time in the bridge. As I jump out of slip space the planet comes into view, it’s barren and dissolute, like it was the victim of an attack. I set the coordinates into the mainframe and make my way there. Once great structures reduced to ash and rubble, it was horrific. I land near what seems to be a giant temple. I put the ship to rest as I make my way outside, I check the air gauges, the atmosphere is deadly so I put on my bio hazard suit and make my way into the temple. Broken and destroyed this place is. The place is beyond being restored. Something catches my eye as I enter the main chamber a monolithic statue of this pillar. Strange what is this thing it stands about as if it was being worshipped? As I look closer there is a panel, I touch it in wonder. I jump back as it turns on. Still power here, how this is possible the data from my scans say this place was destroyed over ten thousand years ago. An icon of a human handprint lies upon it. i stare in wonder at it, but curious I place my hand upon it, it scans me. The ground starts to shake. I stumble around as the ground splits beneath me. Once it stops and the dust cleared as passage way lay before, deep into the planet it goes. I turn on my light and venture into the unknown. Deeper and deeper I venture, only to get darker with every step. The tunnel of spiraling staircases’ finally ends with a room. Four doors encircle around me. Two blocked off by fallen rubble, one locked. The other however seems unlocked I place my hand upon the scanner. A needle pearcies my hand,” ouch" The scanner says to me “sorry for the inconvience DNA verification needed... authentication complete welcome Mark, we have been waiting for you for a long time". What did the machine mean waiting for me, and why did my DNA work with these systems, something was strange, but I must press onward. I walk into a massive room; the only illumination comes from this machine on the ceiling. Crypts litter the walls; ahead of me the path is blocked. A massive door blocks my way. I touch the wall only to be pushed back by a shield. Another panel stands off to the side” well it worked once before” I place my hand on it and once again the door opens and the shield dims to nothing. I walked through the door way and in front of me lies a gigantic grave. Two pillars surround it and behind it is again that strange glowing light. But something lies in the middle of the light. An orb, a bristling aura surrounds it. It is beautiful. A voice calls me to it. I feel drawn to it; I can’t help but walk to it. Again the voice whispers to me, calling me. Whispers in the void of darkness’. Only inches from it I feel its power, it feels amazing. I touch it, pain upon pain. I can feel it absorbing into me. Uggggghhgghhh! I scream at the tops of my lungs as I consume this power. The whispers turn to voices, louder and louder they become. A massive light bursts from me into the chamber above me and into the sky. Then the voices stop and the pain fades away. I fall to the ground, crippled. Ahead of me I see the figure of a women, she glows with a blue essence. She is beautiful, wearing robes of silk, her hair as black as space. “Rise Cody, we have been waiting for you.” “Who are you what has happened to me” I say to her. She smiles at me “we have given you the power of your ancestors the ancients of this once great society” “you will lead us to a new beginning, bring the Amara back to the great power it once held, you are our salvation” salvation what did she mean, I am chosen to take back what we once controlled and turn us into the standing power again. She looks at me and says “but sacrifices must be made, you are not yet pure” she starts to turn red, angry with a rage. She put her hands out towards me and a flashing light pierces my armor into my chest. I scream in pain, what is she doing to me. “You must be made to suit what we desire” suddenly the pain stops. She draws back and I fall to my knees, but all that pain is gone from me. She kneels down to me “you have been made pure, you are the vessel of our great power and you are ready to take back what was once yours” I felt, Strange. I felt powerful. What had she done to me, but it did not matter anymore. I had been given the power to take back what we once had. I look around the women was gone from sight. I must return to father and tell him of my findings. Minutes later…. My pilot asks me for our destination. “Take us back to base and make it quick” he responds eagerly “aye sir, course set. I lay myself into cryo and drift into a frozen dream. I dreamt a lucid dream. I saw visions of war and conquest from an army of unimaginative size. Atop a temple I see myself upon the top steps holding my gun into the air screaming a victory cry. Was I the leader of this massive force? A crying voice echoes softly in the back of all the noise, I walk towards the distant cries. I follow the cries into an alley in the city. At the end of the alley I see a woman huddled up. She is the voice I heard. I walk slowly to her. “Are you ok” I receive no answer only more cries. I go to touch her shoulder. The woman grabs my arm and twists me around finally slamming me into wall. I grunt in pain, what had happened? She grabs me and pulls me up against the wall. How is this possible with my armor I am easily over 113.4 kg. The once sweet voice from the cries was gone now deep growling voice greets me along with the face of a monster. “ you do not know what you have unleashed you arrogant fool, but your path is set you will soon to make the ultimate sacrifice” I try to speak but am stopped by her voice “ you must choose, and choose wisely, for your decision will affect the entire balance of the universe as you know it” I respond in confusing “ what do you mean, what decision do you speak of ” “ you must find the relic your journey starts there, but be weary ghosts of a past haunt these places of old” she puts me down and starts to slowly walk away into the city. The city starts to fall to pieces around me, the dream was fading. I awoke from cryo to a horrendous sight. Alarms blaring, the sounds of screams echo through the halls. What was happening? I was still waking from the sleep, Cryo only wish you didn’t have to have that gunk gel in your throat only to cough it back out. “o god Ryan” I screamed as he came running towards me on fire wailing back and forth. I put the fire out and grab some idoprocelian, a pain medication for I know he is far from saving. “What has happened Ryan” he responds barely coughing and gurgling on his own blood. “Sir we are under attack, an unknown vessel entered our vector as we dropped from shipshape to check systems” “ we tried all we could but we were no match, sir it has been an honor to die by side, stay true..” he faded into a endless dream, he was dead and gone from us. May you find peace. But this was not the time to morn we are still under attack. I ran towards corridor b. half the ship is nearly gone before I reach there. The enemy ship lies before us, my ship is lost but they are still intact. An opportunity,” don’t get anywhere without taking chances” I took a few steps back and rushed towards the ship and leaped. Space, what a beauty it was, we were in a nebula. A mixture of gases. They say in space no one can hear you scream; well I will make sure to test that soon enough when I rip out their throats. I look back at my ship only to watch it explode; the force pushes me only closer to their ship. I reach the ship without as much as a thud upon its hull. Now how to get in this retched ship. “Shit” I say to myself. I can hear the FTL drives firing up there going to jump, I must hurry. I manage to find a hatch on the starboard port of the ship. After a few minutes of crawling through ducts I find a hallway and open the grate and go inside. It’s dark in here, only the occasional light from the ceiling. I have to find out who these people are and why they attacked us. Footsteps approach from behind, I must act quickly. Pillars along the ceiling mange to hide me as two men walk past. Standard military uniforms. They were UNSC! I know knew why they attacked me, I was a high value target, number one on their hit list. They men start talking, it’s too loud to hear what they are saying but I make out a name. Commander Robert Rivera . I should have known. That bastard has had it in for ever since I killed his son. I do not blame the man, as I to would hold a vendetta against my Childs killer. One of the men lags behind and tells the other to continue ahead. Now’s my chance to gain some information. I sneak behind the man, not a sound. Quickly I disarm him breaking his arm in the process and holding it around his neck. He responds in pain “please don’t kill me I will tell you whatever you want to know” as quick as he was to betray his people I was not so convinced he would tell the truth. “and why should I trust you, you could only tell me lies leading me into a soldier filled room were I would surely be killed” he hands me his identification card “this card will grant you accesses to any part of the ship you wish to dwell, just please do not kill me I will do anything you ask” I say to him “I will not kill you I am only here to kill the man who destroyed my ship and crew” he nods at me. I stayed true to my word I did not kill him, I hit a pressure point on his neck a knocked him unconscious. I need to reach the memory core, once there I can download there database. Minutes of skulking through corridors I reach the core. Guarded by three marines, I must be careful. I find a panel and disable the lights in the room. Instantly the marines scatter in panic, “what the hell is going on, sergeant get the power back on” I giggle to myself this will be to easy. I jump from the ceiling above; one by one I take them out. Good thing for there silenced weapons, the only illumination is from there gun fire. I am only a flicker in the brief light. The first soldier falls pray to me knife, the second is not so fortunate. I grab him by his arms and spin him around only to be shot three times by his own comrade. The last one sees me and engages me in hand to hand. I grab his gun and try to force it towards his face, he is strong and puts up a fight, but with my new power he is no match. A slim of sound as his own gun is shot into his face, and he falls to the ground. The lights return, and now is the time to move as the alarms will soon be raised from the gun fire. The core now in my reach I take it and put it in an attachment on my waist. “Now to get out of her...” I fall strait down to the ground alarms blare. “Warning, we are under attack all crew to battle stations, this is not a drill” not again I think to myself. I make my way to a comm. station and call for one of my ships to get me. They say they are not far and are now in route. Now its time to leave. Running through the hall, an explosion takes out the wall open space scatters before me. A ship rises from under “sir get in we have to get out of here” I acknowledge I jump once again drifting through the soundless space. I land feet first into the ships starborad bay.” Get us out of here” the piolit fires up the FTL drive and we enter slipsapce. I have returned home and make my way to father. “ son I expected you back sooner I heard there was a delay” I respond “ you could say that, here I have soemthing you would be very interestd in” I toss him the data core. Shocked by this he smiles, grabs the core and begins work. “ you have done well son you bring great honor to yourself, you seem different my son what happened on our homeworld” i stutter but regain my voice” something great father, I have been givin a power far beyond any ever wielded” he looks at me with confusing but dread. “ I want you to take our scientists to the temple and excivate this holy site” I

One year later- separate part of story-

“nooooooooooo!” I screamed in horror he shot her with toxin. I run to her side and fall to my knees. She speaks to me in a low dying voice “ I will always love you cody” she shuts her eyes and starts to drift away. I start to cry “ no,no please don’t go I need you sweetie I need you” Drifty that son of a bitch left us and flew away in a Falcon . I continue to sob, I grab her body and rush to my ship and put her in cryo sleep. “ I will find a way to save you, just stay strong”. Ice encases her in her icy sleep. She is still alive and I will find a way to heal her. And I will find drifty and rip out his soul. I take another look at her and speak “ soon shannon soon we will be toghter again”

Drifty’s story

“The Amara, a plague upon the galaxy. A cult as old as history was written, what we know is only their leader and intentions. Much about them was lost to history, as secretive as they are deadly.” He is stopped by an eager soldier “ sir, who is their leader” he is indead interested “ their leader is known as cody,

he is very smart and exremely hyper leathal. If you ever come into contact with target you are orderd for your own lives sake to hold back and call for back up. The soldier raises his hand again “ sir is this one man really that dangerous” drifty responds “ glad you asked heres just one of the examples of his doing you all remember the situation back on jupiter station” they all nod there heads in understanding [ shows pictures of that incedent] ‘this is all his doing over 100 men and women of the unsc slaughterd, mutilated, skined” “ these were some of the best soldires the UNSC had to offer, take a look at this video” a video pops up on the screen soldiers shooting into a hall with horror upon their faces suddenly a man is thrown into the group of men, more men pour into the hall one with a fire axe swings it at cody only to have him dodge it grab it from his hands and swing it into his chest pinning him against the wall. More men rush at him. Codys pulls the knife from his holster and a quik as a bullet starts to take down the soldiers. Withing ten seconds they are dead. Cody then turns to the camera and shoots it. Another video comes unto the screen a man slowly crawling away from cody. He grabs the man and pulls him up with his knife in the other and starts to laugh. [ screens pans away to the soldiers faces as they look away in discust] he starts to slowly skin the man alive.

Another part of the story- father comes back from the void as an undead. Helmet off he will start to eat a human heart and blood all around his mouth looks up into the air and screams a undeadly laugh.