Vital statistics

Rank: Leader

Service # S-000

[P] MOS: 156z

BORN: 1/16/2504


HEIGHT: 208.3 CM

WEIGHT: 207.4 KG

Call sign- Father

//Species: Human

//Eye Color: Red

//Hair Color: Dark Brown

//Hair Style: Buzz Cut

//Facial Hair: N/A

//Skin Color: White

//Build: Large

//Distinguishing Features: Scar from top of right eye to bottom.

//Allegiance: Amara

//Armor: EOD

//Preferred Primary Weapon: Assault Rifle

//Preferred Secondary Weapon: Spartan laser

//Preferred Sidearm: M6C/SOCOM Handgun

//Other Equipment: Combat Knife, 3 Thermite Grenades, 3 M9 High-Explosive Dual-Purpose Grenade, 1 Signal Flare

//Preferred Vehicle: UH-114 Falcon

//Religious Belief: Amara

//Sexual Preference: Heterosexual

//Relationship Status: Single